Several photos at Efurd Homestead Vacation Rentals Pittsburg Texas

Best Vacation Rental – Country Style – Pittsburg Texas

Join us at Efurd Homestead for the most relaxing time for you and your family or rent all of our cabins for a family reunion or a corporate retreat!  You’ll find that this is perfectly set up to be the best vacation rental no matter what you have planned.

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pasture and pond

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Our long or short-term vacation rentals are relaxing.  All of the properties are roomy with décor to make you feel right at home.   Unplug from the hectic life and unwind with us! We’ve done everything we can to make it the best vacation rental – country style in Pittsburg, Texas!

What is it like staying at Efurd Homestead?  Peaceful.  It is quiet.  There is almost no traffic on our dead-end road.  There are some cows grazing out in the pasture, dogs sunning in the yard, and some fish ready to take your bait!

The location is the reason most of our guests visit to get away from a fast-paced world, though still close enough to the metroplex and shopping.

Many find our cabins are ideal for long-term stays.  Discounts apply to any stay a week or more.  Several of our guests have chosen Efurd Homestead as a home base while transitioning from one location to our neck of the woods.  We are happy to assist in locating properties for those guests as a Texas real estate broker.

The cabins are comfortable, with all the comforts of home.  We have made sure that you will have everything you need to make your visit the most relaxing possible.

We want you to come and stay with us.

More importantly…we want to you come back!


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